Yorin Reilore

A traveling merchant from Fallcrest.


Yorin was a small-time vendor in the market of Fallcrest. After he got married, and saved up some extra money, he decided that he could do better for himself and his family if he acquired and moved his goods around himself, rather than relying on deliveries from merchants stopping in Fallcrest.

He took his wife and newborn son on the road, and established a trade route for himself, more lucrative than prior business.

His wife died when Orin was 6 years old, and since then he’s been doing the best he can to raise the boy on the road, and teach him the trade.

Over the years, Yorin has had various run-ins with bandits, theives, and vegabonds, and he usually hires an escort of local adventurers or mercenaries to keep him safe on his trips.

As a result of the constant danger to himself and his son, he’s developed a bit of a nervous tick, and he has a habit of pacing around his carts feverishly when restless or worried. He doesn’t like to stay in any one place for very long, for fear of those who would rob him or do him harm.

Yorin Reilore

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