Exploring the Vale

Quinn Journal Entry 3

Bandits, Assassins, Vicious Insults? Oh my!

I am tired and overexerted, so this may be a short entry, though much has happened. There were men on the edge of the woods earlier. Bandits. Surrounded us during my watch. Attacked during Ivrandas. Not much of a fight. I pinned one of them to the side of a wagon with an arrow. Kind of entertaining. Good to know I can shoot accurately at something other than targets. Targets actually harder to hit.

Yorin’s son, Orin. God damn stupid kid nearly got himself killed. Charged one of them with a wooden sword. Thought my family had issues. Can see why Yorin is paranoid. His son is either suicidal or a simpleton. Not sure which is worse.

Ivranada. Was right about that one. Scary. Almost looked like she was dancing during the fighting. And every other step, fire. Green fire. Poor bandits barely landed a hit. I swear she disappeared entirely at one point. Reappeared a good ten feet away. One had the common sense to run. Tracked him. More bandits. I wonder if this is par for course with Yorin. Would explain bringing so much muscle. Remember to demand more pay.

Elrik. Couldn’t have been in the wars. Not the way he wields a weapon. Most of those scars probably self-induced. Good thing his armor is as thick as his head.

En. What a mouth on that one. Known sailors that would have blushed. Made a bandit collapse into the fetal position. Said something about his mother. Can’t remember what. Don’t want to. Feeling uneasy now, trying to. Found him dead after. Choked on his own tongue.

Strange priest at the bandit camp. Ivranda says a priest of Orkus. Not sure what that means. Am told it isn’t good. Ivranda seems to have spent a good deal of time with books. Much more interested in the other bandit leader. Cerrik Teyy. Assassin. Something big going down. Since when do assassins need help? Let him go after questioning. No sense being on the wrong side of the Guild. Something about the assassins of Hammerfall and Fallcrest not seeing eye to eye. Trouble in the vale.

Took his sword and some other belongings as spoils. Left him with Ivranda’s old sword. Swear it lost its curve when she handed it over. Just a plain longsword. The new one, was it always shaped the way it is now? The magic is so heavy in the air around that one you can taste it. Almost metallic. I ended up with some new armor. Comfortable and doesn’t need cleaning. Perfect. A bag too. Bigger than it seems. Fit my arm up to the shoulder in it. Hardly weighs anything at all.

Bed now. I’ve written more than I wanted to. Didn’t leave Fallcrest to miss sleep.



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