Exploring the Vale

Quinn Journal Entry 2

An uneventful morning

The woman from the tavern! She’s one of the other three guards! I arrived this morning to find her and the others waiting by the caravan. She says her name is Enmivenn, but that we can all call her En for short. Apparently venn is not acceptable (must make a note of this… wait, I just did). She seems to be a bard, and a tiefling to boot. And I thought this trip was going to be boring.

The other two are equally impressive. One, name of Ivranda, doesn’t seem to carry much other than a sword, though it has a strange curve to it. I can’t be certain, but I thought I saw it glowing (no, pulsing maybe?) out of the corner of my eye. She’s an eladrin, so from the Feywild most likely, but I’m afraid I don’t know much else about her.

The last is a human, Elrik. Based on his equipment and the scars that cover the vast majority of his face, I’d say he’s more of the close range type. Should make for a perfect shield if the going gets rough. I had a chance to talk with him as the caravan moved out. He was involved in the wars down south, but doesn’t seem too keen to reminisce on the experience. Probably has something to do with the scars.

The caravan! Ha! If you can even call it that. What I expected to be a fair contingent of horses and wagons turned out to be little more than a pair of wagons pulled by sickly mules. I swear one of the animals looks so frail that I’m afraid one of us may have to pull the wagon before the end of it. Why Yorin would recruit so many to guard so little is beyond me. I can’t see how he expects to turn a profit unless the wagons are loaded with gold, and quite frankly, they’re full of junk (my curiosity got the better of me… again). Seems like alcohol and provisions mostly.

We left Fallcrest near midday, heading on the King’s Road for the small town of Wielgren. Noticing my ears the others suggested that I take point, where my keen elven senses could do the most good. Sometimes I hate the stereotype being true; remember to wear a hood on future adventures. Elrik and I walked in front, while the ladies brought up the rear. It’s a shame the positions couldn’t have been switched, as the view would have been remarkably improved from the nondescript hills and farmland that I had to view instead.

We reached the edge of the woods near nightfall. I could have sworn that I saw someone near the treeline, but maybe it was just a trick of the eyes. The others didn’t claim to see anything and weren’t too pleased when I suggested we sleep on the side of the road in the open, just to be safe. Yorin seems to be a creature of habit and has a spot that he camps at regularly (he’s made the trip more than once and still hasn’t gone bankrupt? Maybe the gold is hidden under the provisions. note in the margins: No, just more provisions).

I drew first watch, although to be honest I haven’t been able to focus properly. I keep worrying about mother and how she will react. She’s surely found my note by now. I hope she’s well. Ivranda just informed me that it’s the end of my watch. That one scares me a little bit, she never goes anywhere without that sword, and I get the distinct feeling that it is watching me. I don’t think it would be wise for any of the goods in the caravan to go missing.



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